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Quality Hatching Eggs

We pride ourselves in producing top quality hatching eggs to our customers. All eggs are gathered 3 to 4 times daily, washed, boxed and stored in our temperature and humidity controlled cooler. All shipped eggs will only be a day or two old to insure good fertility. 

We ship any quantity that our customers want, whether it be a dozen, 10,000, or more. While we keep large breeder flocks, we encourage you to order early in the season. February is a great month to place your spring orders. All customers will be notified the day of shipment and given a deliver date.

Quail Eggs

  • Georgia Giant Quail – $ 0.60 each

Pheasant Eggs

  • Ringneck Pheasant $ 0.93

  • Melanistic Pheasant $ .93

Partridge Eggs

  • Chukar Partridge – $0.93 each

  • French Redleg Partridge – $2.50 each

January or February is a great month to place orders
we do not guarantee hatchability or livability due to thing out of our control during shipping.
Place your orders early (February-March preferred)
25% deposit required to book all adult birds, chicks and/or eggs in advance.
** We can not guarantee live delivery or livability due to things out of our control during shipping. Farm pickup is always an option. **
Call or email to place orders, Questions or Quotes.
Redlegs Unlimited
Gamebird Farm & Hatchery
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