Here at Redlegs Unlimited we hatch our own chicks. We offer custom hatching for people who ask. We hatch Redlegs Partridges, Chukars, Huns, and Pheasants. We normally set eggs on Fridays and we do our shipping on Mondays and bird chick

Call at least 30 days ahead so we can schedule your order. Feel free to call or email us with your order or any questions.

Chick and egg orders must be paid prior to shipping. Chick prices do not include shipping. We ship priority mail or express if you choose.

Chick Prices

Bobwhite Quail Chicks – $1.25 each

Valley Quail – $1.65 each

Pheasant Chicks

Straight run (50/50 hens/roosters) – $0.85 each

Sexed Roosters – $1.75 each

Hens – $0.30 each

Chukar Chicks

Partridge – $1.10 each

Redleg Partridge – $3.00 each

Hungarian Partridge – $3.00 each

Hungarian partridge, 1 week old – $3.90 each

Try to call at least 30 days ahead.